Ge-dresser Roots To Be Acquired By “Howden Roots”

Colfax Corporation (“Colfax”) (NYSE: CFX) acquired the Roots™ Blowers and Compressors business unit (“Roots”), also known as Industrial Air & Gas Technologies, from GE Oil & Gas today, June 30, 2015. Roots has officially been renamed to Howden Roots, LLC (“Howden Roots”).

Howden Roots is a well known manufacturer of blower and compressor technologies – including the world renowned rotary positive displacement blower known simply as “Roots Blowers”. Howden Roots serves industries such as chemical production, waste water treatment, power generation and general industrial. The new business unit has a 279,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Connersville, Indiana, as well as its headquarters in Houston, Texas and various sales and support sites around the world including the UK, China and Australia among others. This acquisition builds on Howden’s global strength in compressors and blowers and will add important application expertise and product solutions to the Howden compressors portfolio.

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